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LSO Guide

LSO is a leading regional parcel carrier offering a full selection of Ground and Express shipping services offerings to ecommerce merchants, fulfillment centers, online sellers, and just about any business looking for better service and cost savings.

LSO is all about speedy shipping and being customer service-focused, all while being a cost-effective solution. How? LSO was built around the concept of providing a world-class parcel service, optimized with their industry-leading technology stack. LSO currently offers delivery services to 100% of Texas Zip codes, large sections of Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, as well as major metropolitan sections of Kansas and Missouri (with more to come in 2022!).

LSO has been the premier regional carrier of choice for over 30 years. Having serviced some of the largest ecommerce brands in the world, you can rest assured that your packages are in good hands.

If you haven't generated your first shipping label with EasyPost, we recommend reading our Getting Started Guide to learn how.

LSO Overview

Lone Star Overnight (LSO) is a leading regional parcel carrier servicing Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas, as well as Kansas and Missouri (with more to come in 2022!). LSO offers shipping services that fit the need of your customers with 2nd Day money back guarantee delivery options as well as Ecommerce and Ground shipping services to meet today's customer demands.


LSO has built a 30+ year reputation in the parcel delivery industry business predicated on developing partnerships with its client base. As part of that commitment, we offer customized solutions to our clients at up to 40% off. Talk to an EasyPost shipping specialist today to see what discounts you qualify for.

Service Levels and Coverage Area

Service Levels

LSO offers a full range of small parcel services to suit your B2B and B2C needs, including:

Transit Time
Max Dimensions (inches)
Max Weight (ounces)

See service levels for all EasyPost-supported carriers.

Coverage Area

LSO offers coverage in 100% of Texas Zip codes, much of Oklahoma, Louisiana, & Arkansas, and in major metropolitan areas in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. See the full coverage map below:

Map of LSO coverage area

Free Pickups

Whereas most parcel carriers will charge a pickup fee, LSO will pick up your package for free for qualifying customers. Talk to an EasyPost shipping specialist to see if you qualify today.

LSO has two types of pickups:

  • Use our API for on-call pickups
  • Call 512-334-6516 to schedule regular pickups

Schedule free regular pickups throughout the week with LSO! LSO needs 24-hour notice to set pickups. Tell the agent that you're an EasyPost customer and have the following ready:

  • Pickup address

  • Special instructions: Gate, code, etc…

  • Commercial or Residential location

  • Contact name and phone number

  • Time packages will be ready- please allow a 2-hour window at a minimum

  • Open time and latest pickup time (ex: no later than 4 PM)

  • Number of packages shipping per day

  • Type of package: Poly, box, standard dimensions

  • Service type: Express, Ecommerce, or Ground service

On-call pickups are available via the EasyPost API. This means you can have pickups happen automatically when you create and print an LSO label. Talk to an EasyPost shipping specialist today to learn more.

Need More Info About LSO?

Our Carrier Metadata endpoint can programatically return information about LSO including service levels, predefined packages, supported features, and shipment options.

Use this information to quickly integrate with LSO or make educated decisions about your carrier mix. You can also use the Carrier Metadata endpoint to retrieve information about all the carriers on the EasyPost platform.

Talk to a Shipping Expert

Any questions about how to start shipping with LSO through the EasyPost API?