GIO Express Guide

Founded in 2006, GIO Express has become a dominant company in the logistics and freight industry. The company balances its capability to handle projects with a personal touch, ensuring that each parcel receives the attention it deserves. GIO Express prioritizes speedy delivery, offering services such as scheduling for the next available flight and door-to-door hand delivery to ensure expedited handling and transport.

This guide includes detailed information on utilizing GIO Express shipping with the EasyPost API, focusing on account setup, rates, label creation, manifests, tracking, and more.


Account Registration

Sign up for an EasyPost account to obtain a Test and Production API key. See Authentication and Key Management for more information.

Note: Negotiated rates are only available in Production mode.

Carrier Setup

Upon sign-up with EasyPost, users gain immediate access to Default Carrier Accounts, which can be enabled directly from the Dashboard. For additional carriers, EasyPost supports a Bring Your Own Account (BYOA) option. This requires users to register directly with the respective carrier.

GIO Express Shipper Account Registration

  1. Contact GIO Express to request a shipper account. A representative will be in touch for additional details regarding the account.
  2. Inform GIO Express about using EasyPost's API for label purchases.
  3. Acquire rates and align any additional shipping needs.
  4. Obtain GIO Express account credentials:
    1. Username
    2. Password
  5. Input carrier-specific credentials within the EasyPost Carrier Account Dashboard for comprehensive rate access.

GIO Express Account via API

The API structure specified by EasyPost can also be used to add the GIO Express carrier shipper account.

curl -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  "type": "GioAccount",
  "description": "GioAccount",
  "carrier_account": {
    "credentials": {
      "password": "VALUE",
      "username": "VALUE"
    "test_credentials": {
      "password": "VALUE",
      "username": "VALUE"

Software Requirements

Download an EasyPost Client Library or utilize the REST API with cURL.

Documentation Review

Examine the EasyPost Objects section to understand the API's structure, which is critical for constructing requests and interpreting responses.


GIO Express is a Live Rating integration, enabling real-time rate retrieval for shipments created via EasyPost. Rates are guaranteed valid for a minimum of 5 minutes.

  • When creating a shipment, EasyPost requests GIO Express for shipment rates specific to the user's GIO Express account.
  • The rates provided are directly from GIO Express and tailored to the user's specific account details.
  • In cases of discrepancies or incorrect rates, users are advised to contact their GIO Express account representative.
  • The representative can then update the rates in GIO Express's database to ensure user account accuracy.

Billing is directly handled by GIO Express after parcel delivery. EasyPost does not participate in the billing process for GIO Express services. Contact a GIO Express representative for details.

Service Levels

GIO Express offers a distribution service level.

Predefined Packages

There are no predefined packages for GIO Express.

Generating Shipping Labels

With EasyPost, the process for generating shipping labels for GIO Express is the same as generating them for any other carrier.

Review the Getting Started Guide for help generating a shipping label.

1-Call Buys

1-call buys enable streamlined label purchasing through the EasyPost API by consolidating multiple operations into a single API request. This feature is designed to simplify and accelerate the shipping process by combining the creation of a shipment, retrieval of rates, and purchasing the shipping label into one efficient step.

See Reducing API Response Times for more information.


Manifesting is required for GIO Express.

Supported Options

Refunding and Voiding Labels

Voiding GIO Express labels through EasyPost is supported.

Note: The shipment.tracking_code is required as it identifies the order within the carrier's system.

Label Formats

EasyPost offers native GIO Express labels in PNG, PDF, and ZPL formats.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

GIO Express's policy on hazardous materials is not explicitly detailed. Shippers are advised to contact GIO Express directly for specific guidelines and compliance requirements.


GIO Express accommodates pickups based on individual agreements with customers. While regular pickups can be arranged directly with GIO Express during the account registration process, they cannot be scheduled via the EasyPost API.


EasyPost simplifies package tracking by offering two methods:

  • Tracking with an existing number and carrier.
  • Using a Tracker included with an EasyPost-purchased shipping label.

The service integrates webhooks for timely shipment updates. For detailed information on tracking methods, visit the Tracking Guide.

Additional Resources

Carrier Metadata

The Carrier Metadata endpoint can programmatically return information about GIO Express service levels, predefined packages, supported features, and shipment options.

Use this information to quickly integrate with GIO Express and make educated decisions about the mix of carriers for shipping needs. Additionally, the Carrier Metadata endpoint is available to retrieve comprehensive information about all carriers on the EasyPost platform, enhancing decision-making for carrier services.

Support and Troubleshooting

In addition to the guidance provided in our Carrier Guides, EasyPost offers support to assist with FAQs, troubleshooting issues, and inquiries related to the EasyPost platform.

Please visit the Help Center for more information.

Talk to a Shipping Expert

For questions about getting started with GIO Express through the EasyPost API please talk to a Shipping Expert or contact our Support team.